Smash In2 Badminton


What is Smash in2 Badminton?

Smash in2 Badminton is a regular programme of badminton sessions offered in the community. Sessions are aimed at anyone looking for a relaxed, informal and fun badminton experience. The structure of the sessions can be pay and play format. Sessions are flexible and can be for juniors, adults or families or any other.

What is the purpose of Smash in2 Badminton?

Potentially every person in Scotland has experienced Badminton at one stage in their life. Badminton is a great sport for keeping fit and healthy as well as meeting new people. Smash in2 Badminton sessions will give participants an opportunity to play, learn new skills and make new friends. They can be set up around the country for mass participation in a semi-structured environment.

What is the format?

Smash in2 sessions may have a coach, organiser or leader delivering the sessions or they may just be an opportunity for people to get together and play, without someone overseeing the sessions. Smash in2 leaders can access the organiser’s resource to support with delivery and planning sessions.

Who can organise Smash in2 Badminton?

Leisure Trusts, Local Authorities, Facilities, Active Schools, Sports Development, Existing Clubs.

What do I need to set up Smash in2 Sessions?

  • An adequate facility, ideally 2 or more badminton courts.
  • An organiser/coach/leader to oversee sessions.
  • Access to rackets and shuttles – leisure centres usually have equipment or could be borrowed from partners. (Find price list here)

Smash In2 and wider sports development?

Smash in2 Badminton sessions are a great entry point for players. Existing clubs can be linked to Smash in2 sessions to give players a pathway to progress and take their badminton further. However, some people will be more than happy to stay and play in their Smash in2 session.

Registering a Smash In2 Badminton Session

Registering a Smash In2 session with BADMINTONScotland is FREE. Existing pay and play sessions rebrand and register as a Smash in2 Badminton session to access all the benefits. To register a new or existing session, complete the online form here.

What are the benefits for organisers?

  • Income generation opportunities 
  • Enhanced membership package 
  • National marketing and promotion
  • Access to free training for organiser/coach/session leader
  • Use of the Smash In2 logo
  • Marketing resources including template posters 
  • 10 week lesson plans 

Participants of sessions can sign up to be a FREE Smash In2 member with Badminton Scotland.  The benefits include:

  • Access to Smash In2 Events and Competitions around the country. 
  • Discounted courts at Sir Craig Reedie Badminton Centre.
  • Entry into free prize draws.
  • Exclusive membership offers.

What are the next steps? 

For more information on how to set up a Smash In2 club, you can download the guidelines here.

To affiliate your Smash In2 club, complete the form here.

To find your local Smash In2 club click here.  You can also contact the organiser for more details.

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