Smash In2 Badminton Festival in Glasgow

Glasgow’s World Championship legacy is set to take another big leap forward next month with a festival to celebrate Scotland’s ever-growing love of badminton.

The Smash In2 Badminton (SI2B) Festival of Fun will come to the Sir Craig Reedie Badminton Centre in the city on February 18, bringing together all those inspired by the sport’s premier competition coming to Glasgow last year.

The event is for anyone who currently goes along to SI2B sessions – or other pay-and-play-sessions – showcasing the very best of badminton and the fun it brings to all ages.

Featuring fun doubles and team games, the day will be a light-hearted as opposed to overly competitive affair, featuring music, snacks and laughter from 1pm-5pm as the World Championships inspiration continues.

There will also be coaches on hand to offer help and advice, while players from across the country will have the chance to meet new people and make connections with other SI2B and pay-and-play clubs.

Smash In2 Badminton was created by Badminton Scotland early last year, determined to introduce thousands of schoolchildren to the sport in the year Scotland hosted the World Championships.

For people of all ages, SI2B has so far provided a relaxed and fun environment for players of all ages, organised all over the country through local authorities, facility providers, sports development, schools or existing clubs.

And the Festival of Fun will mark the ideal way to bring that all together, with badminton fans and players young and old getting their chance to take part in the sport they love.

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