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Created on 10 October 2011
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Scottish National Veterans Championships                          10-11 December 2016

Scottish International Veterans Championships                    20-22 January 2017

Scottish National Senior Championships                              3-5 February 2017

Scottish National Junior Championships (U13/17/21)           25-26 March 2017

Scottish National Junior Championships (U11)                     13 May 2017 and possibly 14 May 2017

Three weekends will once again be reserved for Restricted Tournaments during season 201-2017. No "Open" tournaments will be scheduled during these weeks so you are asked to consider holding restricted tournaments at these times. Other dates may, however, be sanctioned as in previous seasons. The three reserved weekends are as follows:

     week ending 16 October 2016

     week ending 20 November 2016

     week ending 19 February 2017

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