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Created on 12 December 2011
Published Date
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Junior Selection Criteria

Junior Team Selection Criteria

When picking Junior teams to represent Scotland, the Junior selectors are asked to pick the strongest team, taking into account the format of the event; as well as cognisance of recent results and performances in both domestic and international tournaments.

It should be noted that players who are unable to participate fully in training sessions throughout the month prior to the selection date will not be considered for selection. Players selected to represent Scotland in the European Junior Individuals will be at the sole discretion of the Junior Selectors.

Please note that, in line with BADMINTONscotland’s selection process, there is no right of appeal for junior selections.

National Junior Squad Selection Criteria

The National Junior Squad includes players from ages 7 to 16 approximately; and players are invited to participate in these squad sessions at the discretion of the National Junior Performance team.

When making squad selections, the National Junior Performance team identify players who, in their opinion, have the potential to compete and win for Scotland and GB at senior level in the future: this is the main focus of the National Junior Squad.  Coaches will pay particular attention to players’  performances in National Junior age championships, as well as other recent results and performances when considering squad invitations.

From time to time, Talent ID Days are held with a view to identifying possible new members for the  squad, but these are arranged on an occasional, as opposed to a regular, basis.

Squad sessions are held at agreed times throughout the season; and the squad is led by the National Junior Performance Coach, with Assistant Coaches.

A player has an opportunity to be considered for selection to represent their Country whether they are part of the National Junior squad or not.

Fitness Testing

All athletes with invites to National Squads will be required to undertake a fitness test.  Achievement levels will be set for each athlete based on their initial test results. Players who are injured or sick will need to produce a sickness line from a doctor or physio advising the reasons why they are unable to sit the test.

Before any re-selections occur all players must sit a fitness test otherwise consideration can only be given for an Involvement role (please see below) until the player is able to sit and pass the test.

Additionally, it is a condition of continued full membership of the squad that each player meets the appropriate age level fitness shuttle run target. These are listed below, and are non-negotiable. These fitness shuttle run targets must be met at fitness testing sessions (dates of which are advised in advance).

Age 12 boys: 10.5

Age 12 girls: 9

Age 13 boys: 11.0

Age 13 girls: 10

Age 14 boys: 11.5

Age 14 girls: 10.5

Age 15 boys: 12.0

Age 15 girls: 10.7

Age 16 boys: 12.5

Age 16 girls: 10.9

Age 17 boys: 13.0

Age 17 girls: 11.0

National Junior Squad Involvement Role

An invitation may be extended out to some players to join the National Junior Squad sessions for an Involvement Role.

The role means that the player is fully integrated, and takes full part, in the session: namely they will undertake shadow badminton, on-court routines (as per national plan), off-court conditioning work and games play. Any offer is made for mid-week sessions only, and charged at the same session rate as National Junior squad members.

Players who are invited under the auspices of this role will be invited to larger group sessions, where they will train with squad players who are attend the same training session, and they may be asked to train with players of varying abilities.
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