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Created on 29 October 2012
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Writing A Dissertation Last Minute Physical   Disability Classifications
Group Classification   Name Typical Examples of Impairment Types
Wheelchair WH1 Spinal injury causing impairment to upper limbs/trunk
Multiple Sclerosis
WH2 Spinal Injury causing lower impairment to upper limbs/trunk
Spina Bifida
Above knee amputation necessitating use of a wheelchair
Standing SL3 Single Above Knee amputation
Double Below Knee amputation
Cerebral Palsy
SL4 Single Below Knee amputation
Cerebral Palsy
Hip dysplasia
Leg length difference (of minimum 7cm)
SU5 Upper limb amputation
Upper limb impairment – e.g brachial plexus injury
Short   Stature SS6 Short Stature/dwarf condition – e.g. achondraplasia
Learning   Disability LD IQ of 75 or lower, who have been identified as having a learning disability by a relevant agency or professional

Government Community Service Essay Badminton for Disabled People in the UK

Click here to download Sports Coach UK's fact sheet providing an overview of badminton for disabled people in the UK and some useful contacts for local clubs, coaching opportunities and pathways into the sport.

Science Homework Online Badminton Inclusion Case Study

Click here to download Inclusive Coach Education Guidelines from Sports Coach UK.

Professional Dissertation Editors Badminton for those with hearing disabilities:

GBR Deaf Badminton are currently on the look-out for talented players. Click here for more information

  BWF Para-Badminton

For information about Para-Badminton within the Badminton World Federation please visit





























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