Badminton Scotland administer several national level training squads in order to provide a framework to support and develop athletes who are deemed to have met certain specified criteria in terms of playing standard and potential.

It is a condition of membership of each of these training squads that all players are individually affiliated to BADMINTONscotlandPlayers selected for any squad are expected to read and abide by Codes of Conduct which will be issued at the time of selection.

Scottish Squad Information

National Senior Squad

The National Senior Squad is made up of elite players, who are deemed to have potential to medal on the European and World stage.

Senior Squad sessions take place in the National Badminton Academy in Scotland, unless circumstances dictate otherwise, in which case alternative training arrangements are made.   In the majority of circumstances, sessions are held from Monday to Friday each week, with a morning and afternoon session each day.

The content of all sport-specific and generic training sessions/service provision is at the sole discretion of the National Head Coach.  In matters of generic support services, these are delivered in collaboration with appropriate personnel from sportscotland Institute of Sport, where deemed appropriate.

Players invited to join the National Senior Squad are not guaranteed to be nominated for selection to the sportscotland Institute of Sport programme.  All nominations to this programme are at the discretion of BADMINTONscotland’s High Performance Group, which consists of BADMINTONscotland’s Chief Executive, Chair of Performance and Head Coach; and sportscotland High Performance Manager.

The length of invitation to the squad will be at the sole discretion of the National Head Coach, as will be continued involvement after each agreed invitation/selection period.  Additionally, training programmes will be delivered at the discretion of the National Coaching Team (with the exception of those players training at Milton Keynes as part of the GB programme).

Squad members follow the competition programme given to them by the National Head Coach, who has discretion on all competition matters, including club matches.  However, outwith exceptional circumstances, it is mandatory for National Senior Squad players to enter both the Scottish Open, and Scottish National Championships each year.

There is a finite level of resources available to the National Senior Squad programme and so allocation of these resources to players in the Squad is at the discretion of the High Performance Group.


National U19 Squad

The National Under 19 Squad represents a progression from the National Junior Development Squad and is a feeder squad for the National Senior Development Squad, and ultimately the National Senior Squad.

The squad aims to bring together top Scottish junior players, who are not already in either the National Senior Development or National Senior Squads, and to provide them with more advanced training which is approaching the quality of that experienced in Senior Squad sessions.

The U19 Squad is a pathway to the Development and Senior Squad or relevant GB Squad, if selected.  On leaving the U19 Squad, players should be accomplished in movement, technique and tactics so that they are ready to move seamlessly into full time training in the Senior Squad, if selected.

The main performance goal of the Under 19 Squad will be the European Junior Championships, which takes place every two years.  The World Junior Championships will be another main performance goal, if there is funding to send a team.

Eligibility for consideration for this squad is as follows:

  •   Players must be in good standing with BADMINTONscotland and eligible to compete in the U19 age group for the coming year
  •   Players still in the U17 age group, but meeting criteria, will stay in their own age group squad.  Exceptions may be made for outstanding players, if it is deemed to be in their best interests
  •   Players must participate in at least 4 U19 Scottish circuit tournaments including the Scottish National U19 Championships.  Injuries and personal circumstances may be considered if the player has been unable to play in 4 events.

U19 squad members will attend 2 evening sessions per week (Edinburgh / Glasgow), and are joined by SDS squad members for the second weekday session (in Glasgow).  Athletes also attend a number of weekend sessions per block depending on tournament schedules.


National Junior Development Squad

The National Junior Development Plan (NJDP) services promising young athletes up to the stage at which they are ready to make the transition from Junior to Senior badminton (approximately aged 17).

They then may move to the U19 Transitional Squad and finally into the Senior Performance Programme in Scotland or the GB World Class Programme in Milton Keynes.

The NJDP is led by the National Junior Performance Coach and delivered regionally by her and her assistant coaches. Four regions are currently being serviced: West of Scotland, East of Scotland, North East of Scotland and Tayside. Regions may change, depending on where potential young talent emerges.

The total number of athletes on the Programme varies, but will normally be between 40 and 50, depending on the level of resources available.

The NJDS aims:

  •   To provide a continuous flow of athletes with a sound technical, tactical and physical base for the Senior Programmes to take forward to success at international level.
  •   To provide a positive, caring environment where young children are keen to be involved and have the opportunity to gradually learn what it takes to become a high performance athlete.
  •   To identify exceptional athletes within the squad who show the potential to achieve at the very highest level and to offer them additional time over and above their timetabled programmes and the maximum service possible in order to assist them in fulfilling that potential. (Priority athletes; see note 1).

Note 1:

It is expected that all athletes who remain in the Programme through to the age of 17 will transfer to the Transitional/U19 Squad, and will go on to represent Scotland.

A priority athlete is one who stands out from the others of their age because they show the technical, tactical and physical aptitude, the work ethic, the discipline and the drive to succeed which indicate potential to achieve at the highest level. A player under the age of 11 will not be identified as a priority player.

Invitations for the National Junior Development Squad will be issued, in blocks, for the period Monday 30 July 2018 through to Wednesday 26 July 2019.  Within that period, there will be holiday breaks, the first over the Christmas 2018 period.

Squad members are split into three groups for Saturday training sessions (A, B and C), all of which are held in the National Badminton Academy, Scotstoun.  Dates for the year have been agreed, and players advised of these well in advance. Click here to view the dates.


Selection Criteria

U19 Squad Criteria


  1. Players must be in good standing with BADMINTONscotland and eligible to compete in the U19 age group for the coming year.
  2. Players still in the U17 age group, but meeting criteria will stay in their own age group squad.  Exceptions may be made for exceptional players if it is deemed to be in their best interests.
  3. Players wanting to be eligible, must participate in at least 4 U19 Scottish circuit tournaments including the Scottish National U19 Championships. Injuries and personal circumstances will be considered if the player did not play in 4 events - **
  4. Players must show the commitment to train 10 hours a week including 2 hours physical training.
  5. Players must be prepared to adhere to BADMINTONscotland’s standards and Code of Conduct.
  6. The top ranked players in singles and doubles from the U19 Scottish rankings will be invited to attend provided they have won a core tournament in that event.
  7. Players winning two of the core tournaments in the same event will be invited. The standard of the tournament will be considered if entries are low or missing top players.
  8. Players reaching 3 finals including the National Junior Championships in the same event will be invited.  The standard of the tournament will be considered if entries are low or missing top players.
  9. The remaining places will be awarded on results over the previous season.  Results from     senior events and international tournaments will be taken into account.
  10. Younger players who show evidence of outstanding abilities (tactical, skill, physical, learning) may be invited to the squad.

** Core Tournaments:

U19 Glasgow Junior Championships

U19 Scottish National Junior Championships

U19 East of Scotland Junior Championships

U19 West of Scotland Junior Championships

Non-renewal of invitation to Squad

  1. Players not committing to 10 hours of training, including 2 hours physical, a week will be given a warning and not re-selected if the commitment is not met.
  2. Players who have not met the performance criteria in the first year, selected on potential) should be expected to achieve the performance criteria to qualify for another year.
  3. Players not adhering to BADMINTONscotland’s Code of Conduct will be warned and may be deselected depending on the severity of the incident.


National Junior Development Squad Criteria

The National Junior Development Squad is part of BADMINTONscotland’s performance pathway and the funding for this squad comes from public sources, granted to us by sportscotland. The targets we are set, in order to retain our performance funding, are tough.

At senior level we are expected to qualify players for the Olympic Games and to win medals at the Commonwealth Games. The targets for the junior programme centre on developing athletes who have the potential to be selected for, and win, for the GB World Class programme in the future.

Over the last 12 years the Junior Programme has been a key contributor to sportscotland’s targets and been one of the most successful programmes in achieving athletes onto the GB programme.

Both the level of development and the standard of international results required by age 16 mean that young athletes have to show a steady development in all areas from a very early age.

This is a performance programme with high expectations and so the standards set are high. The squad structure offers as much support to athletes with the right potential, the right attitude and the right commitment as our resources allow.

The National Junior Development squad structure cannot, however, provide everything players need to succeed at this level and so it is expected that players do everything in their power to meet targets set:  players will be required not only to train at squad sessions, but to maximise their potential by doing individual work and taking responsibility for their own outcomes to ensure targets are met.

The National Junior Development Squad structure is ambitious, challenging and it demonstrates that Scotland is one of the leading Nations at looking at developing the sport of badminton as early as possible to give each athlete the time and opportunity to develop in a very technical sport within a National programme.

Selections / and non-renewal of invitations

Squad selections are made by the National Junior coaching team, led by National Junior Head Coach, Diana Koleva.  It is very important to note that selection to one block of the squad does not guarantee future selections, as continuous assessment is made of players throughout the term of each block.  Decisions on future selections are made taking into account various factors including fitness levels (all players are required to pass a bleep test at their age group level *), performances during the block, tournament results, commitment to squad sessions etc.

Not being in the squad does not mean that a player cannot re-enter the squad, or cannot represent Scotland.  Performance coaches will be looking actively for players who have the determination and work ethic to enter, remain in or return to the squad.  We believe that developing and creating a positive competitive environment is paramount to the success of Scottish and GB badminton in the future.

*  it is important to note that failure to meet physical targets (bleep test) will result in immediate removal from the squad, regardless of other targets being met, and regardless of competition results.  Conversely, meeting physical targets does not on its own entitle any player to remain in the squad – all other targets, including the more subjective technical and tactical ones must also be met.

Fitness Testing (*)

As indicated above, all FULL squad members aged 12 or over are required to pass a bleep test to ensure their continued position in the squad, and formal testing will take place once in each squad block.  They are required to pass the bleep test in one block, before they can be issued a full invitation to the next block.  There will be one further opportunity to sit the bleep test, prior to the commencement of the next block (see below).

It is important to refer to the BADMINTONscotland website to view the National bleep test [RL1] standards that each player requires to attain, to receive a “pass” award.


Codes of Conduct

Squad members and parents of Junior players are requested to read, and agree to, the undernoted Codes of Conduct:


All members of the programme will be expected to maintain the following standards of behaviour at all times.

  •      No swearing or inappropriate behaviour in any public environment (ie whilst on court, travelling as part of the team/squad, at team meals, functions etc).
  •      Be punctual for sessions and meetings.  If it is unavoidable that you will be late, it is expected you will contact the coach/person you have arranged to meet to let them know, PRIOR to the arranged session/meeting start time.
  •      Treat fellow members of the programme, including BADMINTONscotland support staff with respect. Derogatory statements about individuals will not be tolerated.
  •      During tournaments and training camps, refrain from consumption of alcohol.
  •      At training camps/competitions, attend training sessions/meetings as determined by the National Coach.
  •      Arrange any meetings or medical/physiotherapy treatment to avoid conflicting with agreed training Sessions.

If any member of the programme breaks any of the above points, the following process will apply:

  •      First instance:  removed from session/meeting/camp/competition by Coach – instance recorded.
  •      Second instance:  removed from session/meeting – reported to Directors of Performance at BADMINTONscotland, with possible suspension from programme for up to one month.
  •      Third instance:  removed from session/meeting – reported to Directors of Performance at BADMINTONscotland, with possible deselection from programme.


Squad players are asked to show a professional attitude in both performance and appearance throughout all sessions:  this includes arriving in a fit state to train with suitable equipment and training between sessions.  Parents/guardians play a vital role in the development of the player and a guide to being a badminton parent has been produced to give advice on how best to support your child. We ask that you adhere to the statements below.

All parents/guardians are asked to adhere to the undernoted, please:

  •      to ensure, whenever possible, that your child arrives 10 minutes early for all sessions;
  •      to show respect to fellow parents/guardians; and to demonstrate appropriate social behaviour;
  •      never to speak negatively to, or about, other players, in front of my own child or anyone else;
  •      to respect all coaches:  they are accessible for conversation, but only at the conclusion of squad sessions (unless otherwise stipulated);
  •      to respect court officials’ decisions;
  •      to note that you can watch sessions, but are asked not to communicate with your child during such sessions;
  •      to treat all squad members, and other players, with the same respect granted to your own child: without your children’s opponents, there would be no matches!;
  •      to ensure that your child is collected safely at the end of each sessions, or that they have permission to travel home by other means.

The responsibility of the coach starts as the player and coach enter the facility and ends at the point the player is collected by the parent / guardian or if parentally stipulated leaves the facility at the conclusion of the session.


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