Organising a Tournament

Organising a Tournament

We have developed a useful guide for tournament organisers to follow when organising junior events. Download the guide here.

Service Height Guide

BWF has changed the Laws to make the legal height for a service to be 115cm. This would be measured by the Service Judge with the aid of a Service Height device. Without the assistance of this device it is difficult to determine if a service is legal with any degree of accuracy or consistency. Badminton Scotland has therefore decided, for the clarity of players and in line with practices throughout Europe, that the new Law will only be applicable when there is a service height device in use beside the court. At all other tournaments the previous Law referring to the waist and with the racket head pointing in a downward direction will apply.

Register your event

Badminton Scotland have an extensive tournament calendar, and therefore we request that if you would like to organise a tournament, you apply to us to register that tournament. This means we can ensure the portfolio of tournaments and events in Scotland is put together in a structured and logical way, allowing us to avoid potential clashes which could harm the size of entry to your tournament.

Season 2019/20

If you would like to register your tournament in Season 2019/20, please download the Tournament form, complete it and return it to Badminton Scotland. You should also read the Letter to Tournament Organisers for important information relating to completing the sanction form.

If you would like to discuss possible dates for your tournament, contact us: 0141 445 1218


Establish the Seeds for your tournament

Once you have received all the entries to your tournament you will need to establish which players should be seeded. To do this, please contact the following appointed persons:

For Senior Ranking Tournaments and U19 Ranking Tournaments: 
Mr Robert Blair
Performance Coach
0141 445 1218
For all other Junior Ranking Tournaments:
Mr Douglas Walker
01968 677244
For Masters (non-ranking) Tournaments:
Mr Dan Travers
Chairperson Masters Selection Committee
07801 793038


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