CP for Clubs

Clubs have a duty of care to the children that attend their clubs. As part of the commitment to Child Protection, all Badminton Scotland affiliated clubs must ensure that all individuals volunteering or employed at their clubs who are undertaking regulated work are PVG checked (Please see the categories for regulated work below in attachment 3. PVG Information sheet). To process the PVG checks clubs can either use Badminton Scotland as their Intermediary Body, or they must confirm to Badminton Scotland that they are using another organisation.  

As with any child protection policies and procedures, these need to be actively implemented within your club and not just written down on paper.  All club members and participants must be aware of who to contact if they have a concern about a child and children need to know who to talk to if they have a concern or issue.

3 Steps to ensure your club is protecting the junior members

  1. Use Badminton Scotland as Intermediary Body for PVGs (process outlined below) or confirm you are using another organisation
  2. Appoint a Child Protection Officer who will complete relevant training
  3. Ensure child protection policies and procedures are known to members and fully embedded within your club

Child Protection Training

The Club needs to appoint an individual as a Child Protection Officer who will be responsible for the PVG process. In order to do this the individual needs to attend two Children First courses:

 1. Safeguarding and Protecting Children

 2. In Safe Hands (for Child Protection Officers)

See here for Children 1st's courses 

Safeguarding and Protecting Children can also be completed online here

PVG Procedure for Clubs 

Badminton Scotland can support and advise affiliated clubs with the PVG process and act as Intermediary Body between clubs and Volunteer Scotland. This includes making sure the correct individuals are PVG checked, that each club has a trained Child Protection Officer and that the correct Child Protection and Data Protection policies are in place. Badminton Scotland also manages the secure handling of PVG certificates so clubs do not have to. Please Note: PVG procedures are for clubs working with children and protected adults.                                                   

Key information for Clubs on how to use Badminton Scotland as Intermediary Body

The documents below give more information on using Badminton Scotland as an Intermediary Body and the PVG process. The letter to clubs / groups explains the process and details what the subsequent documents are. 

1. Club and Group Contracting Letter

2a. Secondary Org Contract

2b. Example Secondary Org Contract

3. PVG Information Sheet                                           

4. Extra PVG Information                                            

5. BADMINTONscotland Data Protection Policy

6. Template Data Protection Policy

7. Template Child & Adult Protection Policy

8. Template Making Referrals Policy                                                                            

9. Code of Practice from Disclosure Scotland

10. Self-Disclosure form

11. PVG Scheme & Young People


For more information on the PVG process for clubs, please contact Hannah James, Coaching and Development Administrator on 0141 445 1218 or email coachadmin@badmintonscotland.org.uk

Other Useful Links for Clubs

 Children 1st Resources for Clubs

Advice or Guidance

If your club has a concern about a child or would like advice, please contact one of our Child Protection Officers, Andrew MacKenzie 07539 118003 or Rita Yuan Gao 07769322166.

You can also contact any of the numbers listed here for advice or guidance.